Duromine Day 8


It is currently Day 8 of my journey on Duromine to lose weight and help with my sleep apnoea and low testosterone.  While it feels good to see the numbers dropping on the scales, I don't actually feel any different to how I did a week ago.

I will admit that I haven't noticed the side effects of Duromine that I had expected, I do feel as though I have more energy than previously, and I have needed less caffeinated drinks than I usually consume.

So far, I have probably eaten well under the 1500 calories that I should be eating, but that is because of the Duromine appetite suppressant effect. I actually seem to forget to eat sometimes, but I also feel as though I am having a hard time consuming enough calories because I am eating much healthier foods than normal, as well as giving up food that I normally consume.

I just hope that the majority of weight I have dropped so far is more than just water weight from eating far less carbohydrates than I was eating. If I continue dropping at 3kg per week, I will meet the endocrinologist target loss in just 5 weeks rather than the 8 he expects.

Weight: 130.7kg

Medication: Duromine 30mg

Feelings: It feels good to have seen the numbers on the scales drop, but I don't feel any major difference in clothes sizes. I'm sure that I will in the next week or so assuming the numbers continue to fall.

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