Duromine Day 23


I am on Day 23 of my weightloss journey with the aid of Duromine.

Last time I updated you all, it felt good knowing that the weight was dropping, but I didn't feel any different from before. However I am now starting to feel more motivated about the whole process.

Originally, I was worried about the side effects of the Duromine, however I am still continuing to not feel any of the negative side effects.  I do know that if I take Duromine two days in a row, I definitely find that I have the sleeplessness side effect after the second dose. I have learned to make sure that I take the Duromine when I am supposed to for that reason.

I have virtually given up with the caffeinated energy drinks, I might have just one a week, but more for the taste than the need for the caffeine. I almost wonder if they contributed to my lack of weightloss previously. Maybe, maybe not.

I felt that the majority of weight I had lost was water weight, but I am sure that it is now more than water weight alone. The numbers on the scale this morning have motivated me to continue on my journey, and reminded me that it most likely isn't just water weight.

Weight: 128.3kg (Total lost: 6.7kg)

Medication: Duromine 30mg

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