Duromine Day 52


It has been almost a month since I last updated you all about my weight loss journey.

To date, I have lost more than the magical 10kg I have ever been able to lose so far. Mind you, my mind still tells me that I am my old weight of 135kg+. I'm not sure I will ever get that state of mind out of my mind. I would like to be able to change these thoughts, but it is difficult when I have really only known myself to be 135kg.

I feel like I have more energy, and when I look, I do notice that I have shrunk. I have had to add holes to my belt, my shirts feel a little looser, and parts of my body jiggle more.

I hope this is a general downward trend until I reach my goal weight. What that is I'm not sure, but less than 100kg would be nice. I'm just worried about the excess skin I will be left with.

As long as the trend continues, I will try and stay excited about the losses and learn to accept them as they are rather than keeping the old thoughts around.

Weight: 124.3kg (Total lost: 10.7kg)

Medication: Duromine 30mg

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