Little Miss Independant

Independant Child

My wife and I had an unexpected experience over the weekend, and we are unsure how we should be thinking about it.

My mother is in a physiotherapy rehab unit at the moment, and we visited her as a family. We had a good time with her, and when it was time to go, Lilibeth was happy to wave goodbye to her and let us be on our way. However what surprised us the most was after paying for the parking, Lilibeth wanted to play in their rock garden.

Playing in the rock garden in not the surprising part, but that she was happy to play there, while her mother and I continued heading to the car. We both climbed in, and she continued to wave at us from the rock garden. By this time she was probably about 50 metres away from us and "happy as Larry".

My wife and I decided to see how long she would happily wave at us while playing. We started the car, and drove the short distance towards her, but she was still unfazed that she was alone in a garden bed. We didn't try going any further, but it makes us wonder how far she would have let us go before realising what had happened.

At 16 months of age, I'm not sure whether I should be worried that she is happy to stay in a garden bed alone in an unfamiliar environment, while Lilibeth's mother and I continued towards the car.

Should we worry that she is content being left alone in an unfamiliar environment? Is this normal behaviour for a child of this age to happily wave goodbye to their parents without familiar supervision?

For those who would say that we were being reckless, I will assure you that we had a clear line of sight to her at all times, and there was no other people around.

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